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JJ-1015 - 'Infla8' Training for U12
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  crash mats and bouncy castles from JumpJump  
  crash mats and bouncy castles from JumpJump  
  crash mats and bouncy castles from JumpJump  

Professional Football training system for the under 12’s

Price include also includes a 2hp blower.

Each phase can be designed to customer specification, whether it’s team colours, shirts or sponsors. We are able to modify and create an all new purpose phase/section to suit different training schools.

Introducing ‘INFL8’ into your weekly routine will keep young children focused and enthused by bringing new innovation to more conventional training sessions!

The system contains 6 phases, each designed to meet individual needs balance/speed/control /mental awareness/accuracy and stamina .
Which are the attributes needed for the young footballer in today’s modern game.

Phase 1 - Think Fast: This exercise is intended to get children thinking on their feet, consequently improving their mental awareness by testing the accuracy and response. The players start the exercise by standing by to the centre piece which is the inflated football, and the child must run to a certain number (allocated on one of the four posts) when instructed by the coach.

Phase 2 - Slalom Run: This sections acts as a safe and effective slalom run. This exercise will help to redefine a child’s agility and co-ordination. With or without the ball, the child must run in and out of the posts whilst maintaining speed and accuracy.

Phase 3 - Pass `n` Go.
Following from phase 2 with the ball, the child must play the ball through the centre of hole and receive it on the other side. This exercise promotes improved judgement by the player playing the ball with the right amount of power and technique, then timing their run to perfection to receive the ball on the other side.

Phase 4 - Dribble + Control: This phase acts as a gauntlet of defenders. The player must dribble the ball maintaining close ball control and speed. This exercise primarily improves a players ball control and also benefits their agility.

Phase 5-6: Wall + Goal The goal can be used for the players to shoot at the goal keeper or attach the target sheet to the goal and have a penalty shootout game.
This section has a wall which can be used to practise free kicks and which can also be detachable from the rest of the system, to create space for a shootout game. Alternatively move the wall from the left side to right side to accommodate both left and right footed players.

Please request more pictures by calling or e-mailing the office using the Information Section below!

Packing sizes
Main section
0.8m x 0.7m x 0.7m

Goal section
0.8m x 0.6m x 0.6m

15' wide x 60' long x 15' high - 4.6m x 18.3m x 4.5m £2345.00


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