Inflatable slides to buy

JumpJump’s inflatable slides to buy are modern and innovative, pushing past the boundaries of design and excellence, offering excitement and enjoyment to all who use them.

Manufactured in your choice of 20 colours, our high grade 18 oz (610gms) Nylon double sided PVC is the best in the UK and manufactured in the UK!

Every inflatable comes with reinforced 2" webbing on the main bed and around the base of any pop ups sewn onto the bed if applicable.

All Bouncers comply with PIPA and the N496 European Standard.

The price includes a Three Year Warranty, a Gibbons electric fan, stakes and ropes for grounding and your Company details on banners.

Test certificates and safety documents are sent with every order. Please see our testimonial page as confirmation of our quality and aftercare sales.

Call us on 07703 532812 or for further details.

Soft play equipment to buy

JumpJump offer a huge range of soft play cubes, shapes and sit on toys and animals. Our soft play toys are strong and durable being manufactured with tough, washable, tear resistant, flame retardant polyester reinforced PVC and lightweight infill is of 33kg per cubic metre density, closed cell, cross-linked, expanded polyethylene offering excellent shock absorption properties. Soft play shapes, animals and toys can be made to specification in a range of 20 colours, making any soft play area a safe, imaginative, fun place to play for every child. Simply give us a call 07703 532812 or send an email to for further details.

Call us on 07703 532812 or for further details on our Inflatable slides and soft play equipment.

All prices are subject to VAT

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  soft play equipment to buy, inflatable slides to buy

As you may be aware it is now a legal requirement that all inflatable play equipment used by the general public must be tested annually (BS EN 14960 2013) by law.
Here at JumpJump we have a team of experienced fully qualified RPII and PIPA inspectors who can arrange a site visit with a view to inspect and test your inflatables. Once tested, we will issue you with certificate on email which is valid for 12 months. We will send you a reminder as to when your equipment is due its next test. If an accident occurs on the inflatable and the HSE get involved, they will demand to see this valid certificate.
If for any reason your inflatable fails the test, we will issue you with a full report detailing the issues. As JumpJump have been hand producing bespoke inflatables and PVC products in the UK for over 30 years, we would be well placed to carry out the required repairs if necessary. A quotation would be issued on email.
Do you require your staff to be fully trained as an inflatable supervisor?
JumpJump offer an onsite certified supervisory training course for up to 6 staff. Once certified your staff will be able to supervise children and adults on the inflatable safely.
Please call 07703532812 or email our team who will be happy to discuss your requirements. Discounts for volume testing and training are available.
Please visit our website for full details on all of our products together with numerous testimonials.
Lastly I would like to say how passionate we are here at JumpJump, about this industry and especially our customers, as is borne out by our testimonials. We build lasting relationships that will not only look after your needs now but well into the future. We are proud to be able to provide a full design, manufacture, sales and aftercare service.
Melanie Johnston
RPII Inspector AI0163

PIPA Testing - Inflatable Testing
Jump Jump for inflatables, bouncy castles and soft play equipment and inflatable slides to buy
Inflatable RPII Testing
Jump Jump for inflatables, bouncy castles and soft play equipment and inflatable slides to buy
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